Gracie Barra Hoppers CrossingGracie Barra Hoppers Crossing

Jiu-Jitsu for Everyone

Schedule of Classes

Children – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Little Champions (GBKids classes, ages 5-15 years)

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday Saturday  Sunday
10am-11am           GB1  
6.20pm-7.05pm   GB1   GB1      

Little Champions or GBK is our BJJ Kids Classes known as Little Champions: 5- 15 Years Old (45 min/session during the week, 60 min/session on a Saturday)

Adults – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts/BarraFit

Adults – GB1 (Fundamentals) and GB2 (Advanced) and No-Gi, Mixed Martial Arts/BarraFit

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday Saturday  Sunday
6.15am-7.00am MMA       MMA    
11am-12am           No-Gi  
7.05pm-8.00pm   GB1 GB1 GB1      
8.00pm-9.00pm   GB2   GB2      

GB1 is our Adult BJJ Fundamentals Classes: White Belt/Any Belt (55 min/session)

GB2 is our Adult BJJ Advanced Classes: White Belt 3 Stripes and Up (60 min/session)

No-gi is our No-gi classes training in a GB rashvest and GB shorts: Blue Belt and above (60 min/session)

MMA/BarraFit is our Mixed Martial Arts/Fitness based program: Any Belt

Our Private classes scheduled either early mornings or over weekends, and can be self defense, MMA or BJJ


Our schedule is dynamic and improved/updated every season (summer, autumn, winter and spring) to better fit our student’s needs.


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